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A deep look at the Deep State

When I discovered that YouTube now has a recording of last Sunday’s edition of Life, Liberty and Levin – Mark Levin’s weekly in-depth interview program – I felt a duty to share the news with readers. His guests, Sara Carter and John Solomon, are, as Mark properly credited them, the Woodward and Bernstein of the current era — only better and with less institutional and media support.

YouTube screen grab

If you missed this program, do yourself a favor and watch it, embedded below. Under the very skillful questioning of the host, they opened up about the backstory of the uncovering of the biggest political scandal in our history. I have followed the scandal closely and learned some new and shocking information. John Solomon’s “mailbox” story is both shocking and revealing.

Make no mistake, the Republic itself has been at bay, and it is only because of a few courageous journalists and public officials that we are now in a position to fight back – hard.

I cannot think of another program on television that comes close to Life, Liberty, and Levin in offering deep conversation with knowledgeable and penetrating guests, given the time to fully address the issues the host raises. This episode was particularly outstanding. Don’t miss it.

Update: For those who would prefer to read the conversation, Peter BarryChowka has thoughtfully provided a link to the complete transcript, published by Fox News.

Hat tup:Bryan Demko

Source: American Thinker Blog