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From Where Did Antifa Come?

By Stu Cvrk @STUinSD Thread:

#1 Antifa is regularly in the news! Did these clowns just spring up “indigenously,” or did they have predecessors? Let’s take an historical pass through leftist activists and find out.

#2 The so-called “counterculture of the 1960s” bred a number of radical organizations that over time morphed, infiltrated and/or became aligned with the Democrat Party.

#3 The Cuban Revolution and subsequent Communist insurgencies and revolts throughout Latin America made heroes of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to radical leftists in the United States, both of whom are glorified by the American Left to this very day.

#4 Che beanies and shirts are still the rage on college campuses and are worn by kids who have no clue about his bloody past.

#5 A whole host of trendy revolutionary-style groups sprang up in the US in the ‘60s that were focused on the civil rights movement, “revolutionary change,” and, later, anti-Vietnam War protests. You may remember some of the names:

• Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)5. (cont’d)

• The Weather Underground (Weathermen: Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, etc.)

• Black Panther Party (Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, etc.)

• Black Liberation Army (1970s)

• Yippies (Abbie Hoffman)5. (cont’d)

• American Indian Movement (Dennis Banks, Russell Means, etc.)5. (cont’d)

#6 And a number of smaller entities tied to Mao, Marx, Trotsky, and Lenin, as well as radical leftist political parties: Communist Party USA, Industrial Workers of the World, Workers World Party, Socialist Workers Party, etc.6. A decent survey of the New Left, including its various radical organizations, goals and their evolution, can be found here:

#7 We need to pay attention to what these people wish to achieve in America, as they are diligently at work behind the scenes attempting to destroy the country as it was founded and implement their version of a “socialist paradise.”

#8 The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, the signing into law of LBJ’s Great Society social welfare programs (Medicare, Medicaid and the “War on Poverty”), and the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 took the wind out of the sails of many of the radical organizations.

#9 However, one in particular survived and in fact swept up a number of the members of the older organizations over time. Remember the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN)?

#10 It was formed in the 1970s as, for all practical purposes, a Communist front organization for the purpose of “organizing the urban poor.” ACORN promoted an agenda of anti-capitalism, central planning, victimology, and government handouts to the poor.

#11 This was the organization in which Obama got his start as the proverbial “community organizer” in Chicago. ACORN was actually first started in Bill Clinton’s Arkansas, of all places (the “A” in ACORN originally standing for Arkansas!).

#12 Their goal through the years was “anti-capitalist redistributionism” as a means of promoting a radical restructuring of America’s capitalist economy.

#13 ACORN departed from the violent acts of ‘60s-era radicals by exploiting the political tactic of “burrowing from within” a given city’s political system.

#14 They used “in your face” peaceful confrontations, protests, and controlled riots to gain political power in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit.

#15 This was in keeping with a key long-term goal of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), as espoused by Cleon Skousen in “The Naked Communist.”

#16 Goal #15 of the CPUSA, which was read into the Congressional Record in 1963, stated: “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”

THE 45 COMMUNIST GOALS AS READ INTO THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, 1963 – Watchwoman on the WallWatchwoman: In addition to reading this, the 45 communist goals, click here to read “The 10 Planks of Karl Marx, ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ ”  America has already fulfilled 90% of them.    Congressio…

#17 Some of the other listed CPUSA goals that have been not-so-coincidentally pursued by radical Dem Party activists over the past several decades include:

• Infiltrate the press

• Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures

• Get control of the schools17. (cont’d)

• Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity

• Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy”

#18 We have all been sleeping while the radical Left – the militant arm of the Democrat Party – has achieved most of these objectives over the past 50 years! All of this nonsense has been normalized to our collective detriment.

#19 Returning to Goal #15 and ACORN, rather than violent confrontation, which turned off Nixon’s “Silent Majority” (and indeed most normal patriotic Americans in the ‘60s & ‘70s), ….19A. … ACORN sought to achieve its left-wing political objectives (ultimately the destruction of the US as founded) from within the system.

#20 By 2003, ACORN became the nation’s largest radical left-wing group in the country, with over 120,000 dues paying members and local chapters in 50 cities. And they were politically aligned with the local Democrat Party organizations and indeed controlled some local elections.

#21 hroughout the period 1975-2010, ACORN was supported and funded by Soros’s TIDES foundation and other left-wing donors who had the same political objectives as the CPUSA – to essentially re-make America along “democratic socialist” lines.

#22 An excellent analysis of ACORN through 2003 can be found here:

ACORN’s Nutty Regime for CitiesThe nation’s largest left-wing group is trying to make a revolution, one city at a time. And it is getting results.

#23 Not satisfied with the pace of political reform, ACORN chapters got involved with “voter registration drives” and indeed ran athwart voter registration laws in 2000-2006.

#24 This and other irregularities associated with alleged misuse of federal funds (they were ostensibly a “non-profit organization” after all!) led to the organization’s dissolution in 2010 – ….#24A. … but not before one of its own made it to the Oval Office in 2009! And they achieved their greatest political victory on the national level with the passage of Obamacare.

#25 Indeed, Obama’s former ACORN allies benefitted directly from its passage by being paid as “navigators” to facilitate mass enrollment in the debacle – on the taxpayers’ dime, of course:…

#26 But ACORN didn’t just disappear. The organization, its membership, and its funders/backers were leveraged directly by, and morphed into, the next generation of the Left’s protest movement: the “Million Man March,” Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa.

#27 Obama’s radical roots with ACORN should have been a warning of what was to come – and to some who shouted about it during the 2008 election campaign, it was no secret.

#28 But we all know how the legacy media obfuscated Obama’s radical ties and covered for him for 8 long years:

Obama’s Radical Past | National ReviewOn the afternoon of April 1, 1983, Barack Obama, then a senior at Columbia University, made his way into the Great Hall of Manhattan’s Cooper Union to attend a “Socialist Scholars Conference.” There …

#28 Obama maintained his radical ties during his presidency. He met with radicals in the White House or elsewhere and issued public proclamations of “support and sympathy,” as well as was seen in public with some of them:

…#28A. Bill Ayers (a Weatherman and Obama’s political mentor from Chicago):

…#28B. New Black Panthers: Katie Pavlich – Reminder as Ferguson Tension Grows: Obama Marched With The Black PanthersAssociations. .07/22/2019 14:15:26PM EST.

…#28C. Occupy Wall Street:

…#28D. Black Lives Matter:…

#29. And now we have Antifa operating as the fascist arm of the Democrat Party. Yes, that’s exactly what Antifa is. Its political objectives align perfectly with the goals of the left wing of the Democrat Party – and with Obama in particular.

#30. Antifa is the current manifestation of the authoritarian Left in America, seeking to suppress any dissenting political speech on college campuses and in the streets and using the tried-and-true ACORN tactics of personal confrontation to put pressure on political opponents.

#31. Antifa is the violent militant arm of the Democrat Party funded by leftwing billionaires like Tom Steyer and George Soros directly or through various non-profit foundations. Refer to this video:

#32. The ostensibly non-violent “community organizing” arm of the DNC during the Obama regime was “Organizing for America” which is suspiciously similar to ACORN in membership and motivation. It has now morphed into “Organizing for Action” after Obama left office.

#33. Is there overlap between members of OFA and Antifa? Certainly their objectives overlap:

All On The LineWe’re on a mission to end gerrymandering and restore fairness to our elections and democracy. Because every American should have an equal say in our government.

#34. Antifa, BLM, and OFA are the current manifestations of leftwing (Democrat) activism. Obama captured the DNC and continues to push “community organizing” on a wider scale across the land behind the scenes.

#35. Obama moved the Democrat Party to the left during his presidency and virtually devastated it in state and local elections. That movement continues with the full-on rush toward “democratic socialism” espoused by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

#36. The Democrat presidential wannabes have all embraced various socialist policies during the recent debates. Get used to hearing more of their blarney, as well as more violent protests in the streets between now and November 2020.

#37. The latest incidence of Antifa violence occurred in Portland, Oregon, as they attacked a journalist who happens to be a homosexual Asian:

AntiFa Brutally Assault Journalist During Portland ProtestAntiFa militants robbed and assaulted journalist Andy Ngo during a livestreamed demonstration in downtown Portland on Saturday.

#38. How many Democrat presidential pretenders have condemned this action? And how many legacy media people have asked them directly for an opinion on the subject? Ain’t gonna happen because Antifa serves Democrat political objectives.

#39. Think I’m wrong about that? Well, here’s one of their media talking heads praising Antifa back in April:

#40. CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued on Monday night that the violence-embracing far-left group Antifa was “a good cause.” “You can talk about Antifa, I’ve watched them in streets protesting in different situations, OK?” Cuomo said.

#41. “There are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause, that is a good cause, they want social justice, they want whatever they want in that context.” This is not the first time that Cuomo has defended the violent far-left group; he also did so in August 2018.

#42. Read the rest here: CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Antifa Is ‘A Good Cause’CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued on Monday night that the violence-embracing far-left group Antifa was “a good cause,” and was immediately met by pushback from the two contributors who he had on for the segm…

#43. Oh, by the way, there is a new petition up on the White House website to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. It’s about damn time – and should be signed by all real Americans!…

#44. This is what Obama has wrought for the Democrat Party, and there is no sign whatsoever that they will turn off this path in their attempts to wrest political power from the Trump Administration and conservatives in general.

#45. The Dem activists – Antifa in their current form – need to be confronted especially when they violate public safety and public access laws at the local level. They are the modern-day version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and must not be allowed to get away with their violent acts.

#46. The Democrat Party, pushed by their leftwing activist core, is moving to the far left, and we must stop them cold in Nov 2020 if we wish to preserve the Republic! And that means getting your local police department to act if/when Antifa thugs commit violence! ///The end.

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