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White Helmets ‘MI-6 Co-Founder’ Found Dead in Turkey, Chemonics, and USAID

1) White Helmets ‘MI-6 Co-Founder’ Found Dead in Turkey
What has my interest in this article, is the connection to Chemonics, because I dug into them a bit over a month ago, after sifting through USAID funds & seeing funds going out to them like candy.
2) It states: The US has provided at least $32 million to the group – around 1/3 of their total funding – through a USAID scheme orchestrated by the Obama State Dept & routed overseas using a Washington D.C. contractor participating in USAID’s Syria regional program, Chemonics.
3) It goes on to say: They (Chemonics) were awarded $128.5 million in January 2013 to support “a peaceful transition to a democratic and stable Syria” as part of USAID’s Syria regional program. At least $32 million has been given directly to the White Helmets as of February 2018. 
4) I did a brief surface dig around a month ago into two organizations. Chemonics was one of them because they have received a plentiful amount of funding via our dear government, and their name just kept coming up. 
5) Quick background: Chemonics International, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Thurston Ferdinand (Tony) Teele as a subsidiary of Erly Industries. Thurston’s father Stanley Teele was a faculty member and 4th Dean of Harvard Business School. They even named Teele Hall after him. 
6) Thurston estab. Chemonics w/the support from Gerald D. Murphy (parent company’s CEO & largest shareholder). Murphy said that he started Chemonics because, “I’ve always wanted a way to do two things: one, HAVE MY OWN CIA, and two, be helpful to people.”
8) Chemonics operates in 150 countries: agriculture, conflict & crisis, democracy & gov, economic develop, education & youth, envir, gender & social inclusion, health, supply chain solutions, water, energy & sustainability. Basically every area the deep state wants a hand in.🤔 
9) In 1976 they were running “rice projects” in other countries. There are hundreds of docs in Wikileaks. The ministry of agri in Gabon said, “140 days proposed by Chemonics for agricultural study seem too long for a rice project.” But they obliged.… 
10) In 2015, USAID awarded Chemonics $9.5 billion eight-year IDIQ contract to fund health supply chain programs to prevent HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. The largest USAID awarded to date. In 2015.
11) Of course Bill Gates’ Global Fund is making a killing as well. I can’t imagine how that $9.5 billion got sliced & diced. Chemonics was only able to get 7% of the shipments delivered on time and in full. Gosh, where did all the meds and money go?
12) Gates waited 3 yrs to solve this dilemma. In Nov 2018, he gave $386,680 to Chemonics “to monitor the temperature of critical health products along the global health supply chain to ensure the quality and efficacy of these life-saving products.”
13) If you go into USAID’s database, pull up nearly any country, nearly any year, and you will see funding to Chemonics. Billions in funds over the years. They received $196 million after the Haiti earthquake, making them the largest single recipient. It was an epic fail. 
14) This was just a quick surface dig, but it is clear that this organization has been given preferential treatment with our taxpayer dollars for decades, and in some cases, for nefarious dealings. It would seem a solid audit and investigation into them should take place. 
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Sources: published on 2019

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