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Q, Assange and Snowden

Q is NSA. Specifically, Q Group, the NSA’s Associate Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence, written about in 2013, hunting for Edward Snowden. Matched tripcode messages between Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the NSA are the ultimate “Q proof.”

Rather than a citizen whistleblower, Snowden was a “clown” operative whose role was to hamstring the NSA by inviting our misplaced public scrutiny, weakening the agency in its fight against the Deep State CIA. Ultimately, the CIA’s goal was to shut down the NSA or have it subsumed into their umbrella. The outcome was to delegitimize them so they couldn’t make their claims outright, forcing Q to “catch a dangerous animal” by setting a trap where truth locks the cage.

Confirmation comes from paired trip codes from 2016. The timing of these posts completes a timeline that defines the case against the Cabal and point to the NSA’s role and identity of Q.

The revelation is confirmation for the Forces of Good and all humanity to break off the shackles of the Cabal and awake to our new reality, aka The Revelation and The Great Awakening.

The first tripcodes — a set of three — were sent by Assange via Wikileaks after losing internet communications at the Ecuadorian Embassy in October 2016. The second is from Trumpy’s NSA in December 2016.

Both codes can be unlocked by entering the string of numbers into Google Books. QAnons found this out over the past few months based on the tripcodes from recent Q posts, but never went back to plug-in the numbers from 2016.

Decoded here for the first time, Assange’s trip codes tell us the Ecuadorian embassy was chosen as the most expedient solution to hide from deep state assassination attempts and that it was the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office — the British state department — that cut his comms there, the “state actor” referred to.

(That message also raises questions as to the vegan dinner Pamela Anderson brought Assange before the tripcode was sent – was that his last meal? Or, as many now believe, was Assange rescued and now hiding out in the USA, waiting for the big reveal? We shall see.)

Assange’s third tripcode names US Secretary of State John Kerry culprit, while opening the door — through book titles — to specific sources about the hidden history of Kerry’s Illuminati overlords, tying him to the British throne and medieval pirates, along with signs and wonders that validate Q and the mission.

The biggest validation in the political realm is that the NSA follows Assange and Wikileaks with the same format, sharing a partial tripcode. All of that meaning if you trust our white rabbit, then you should trust these guys, or if you trust the US Government, trust them, too, because they’re all working together on this.

The NSA trip code, their response, was sent two months later, now post the 2016 election.

It specifically names Demon-crat fixer John Podesta, the subject of Wikileaks doxxing four days before Assange’s comms were cut, the tagline “#pizzagate is real” and a call to action: “Do not give up the citizen investigation.”

The NSA tripcode was posted the same day — with a delta of an hour before — the Comet Pizza “shooting,” where the Deep State muddied the waters for the public via its #mockingbirdmedia coverage. The real story was the only thing that the CIA-hired IMBD actor actually shot was the computer hard drive on the pizzeria counter that had evidence of their crimes.

The Google Book link from the post that mentions Podesta connects him with specific book sources about child rape, the corruption of Disney and the occult to be discussed in the next article. For more on Podesta, his child kidnapping work on behalf of Soros, the tweet about that which got Andrew Breitbart murdered by the Deep State, see prior article “Crimes Against Children.”

After that first drop of Podesta emails, Assenge threatened to doxx the crap out of our enemies mercilessly until the eve of the election. No wonder they wanted to assassinate him… four days later, he’s MIA.

That trip code from the NSA was posted on Twitter with the warning that it would be deleted, but it was screengrabbed by alert patriots. This post was made 11 months before the Q’s “ministry” to the public formally began in October-November 2017.

In terms of the technology being used here, the NSA’s tripcode is the first half — the same letter and number combination — of the Assange codes. Point being, this was all coordinated. This is our team working together.

Of the three Assange messages, the two concerning “Ecuador” and “UK FCO” lead to a nearly identical Google Books output, returning a link to one social media post containing the tripcode and then the same two books, one about the American flag and the other about Edward Snowden.

The flag book is a very interesting perspective, retelling American history via how the flag changed from wars and expansion. The takeaway changes how we view the controversy over the Confederate Flag, for example, reminding us of the history that the original flag description was so simple — colors, stripes, stars — that it opened every group, each state, the Navy, everybody, to come up with their own flag design. The book goes on to show flags with 15 stars, as the country expanded, and then the very detailed rules we base our flag on today, that leaving no room for interpretation. This book is for patriots.

The Snowden book tells the familiar public story. But a simple word search for “Ecuador” and for the “UK” the snippets returned makes Assange’s message clear. On the “UK” search, what actually shows up is not the UK FCO – mentioned in the tripcode – but the UK’s GCHQ, the British NSA, the specific arm of the state actor behaving badly.

The media’s quick embrace of Snowden as hero should have been enough to alert us that their unanimous support was all a set up, as the m0ckingbird media never backs the underdog. Snowden is Deep State.

Rather than the media’s “surprise” with his revelations that the NSA can access all data, it should just be a tautology. The NSA has it all, as Q says. Of course they do – but it’s not that the government is stockpiling messages, like in the familiar narrative, but have access — a priori — to the entire cloud, everything, everywhere online, that’s just how it works.

Snowden is a scam; The Intercept, set up to publish his data really just was the “news” the NSA has access to our data, is just a diversion. Interestingly, none of the Snowden data trove led to real stories on their contents — thinking specifically about one series they ran that was just a review of internal newsletters all the high clearance people get in their inbox. Another one was about the Verizon data center and another about the one hidden behind City Hall. Gotta put all the data somewhere… Fluff.

The bigger picture behind Snowden, The Intercept’s owner, Pierre Omidyar, is a former Booz Allen deep-stater (where Snowden worked along with Dell and CIA). When Omidyar came in as a “white knight” to help Craigslist, he actually locked poor Craig and his company in a court battle for a hostile takeover after he couldn’t steal their secret sauce. Maybe the real story is they wanted to keep secret that the credit card companies (and PayPal) give out freely to deep-staters; his Hawaii connection is territory of the bad guys, etc. — Anons can flesh the rest of this out…

The point is the NSA actually does not care about anything “we the people” are doing online – the only comms they want to access are from the criminals, the Cabal, which is why the CIA wanted desperately to shut the NSA down, with media-placed articles specifically calling for this to happen up into the very last days of the transition before Trumpy took office.

White Hat access to all their emails and data means the Deep State can’t plot secretly against us anymore.

To try to avoid the NSA learning their plans, the Cabal — via Google’s ex-chairman — went so far as to partner with formerly evil North Korea to set up a pirate communication server there, which, with Trumpy’s new alliance with Kim, was unplugged and returned in the very coffins used to repatriate the remains of the Korean War POWs abandoned by the Deep State for two generations.

The timeline shows how all this was happening in the context of the FISA wiretapping decision, in October 2016, led former NSA director Navy Admiral Mike Rogers to break ranks with the old guard, travel on his own to Trump Tower to let the new president know he was being bugged by the bad guys who would soon be out of power. Three weeks later, the NSA posts its Q-style tripcode.

Speculation here is Q chief is Admiral Rogers. Trumpy at one point, early on — correct me if wrong, gotta find media source — says he is familiar with the “Q phenomenon” but it is “no one in his Administration” – maybe it was just that Admiral Rogers technically wasn’t, or Q team are 1099 “freelancers,” plausible deniability. Till now.

(Is General Flynn also on the Q team? Especially considering he’s using the same USA flag as Q in his recent PPT presentations? Of course, Flynn is going to be part of Q, even if his son is denying that recently. Another 1099 Q…)



May 2013 – Snowden leaks, media circus

Feb 2014 – The Intercept launched

June 2016 – 1st FISA application, denied

July 10, 2016 – Seth Rich killed, Assange hints as source for DNC data dump (USB data speed proves local access)

October 2016 – 2nd FISA application, approved, gets bug onto server in Trump Tower

Oct 12 2016 – Wikileaks drops Podesta emails (C.P. = cheese pizza = child porn = SRA = pedovores), threatens more

Oct 16 2016 – Assange loses comms, sends three trip codes

Oct 17 2016 – Wikileaks confirm lost contact with Assange due to “state actor”

Nov 8 2016 – Trumpy wins White House

Nov 17 2016 – NSA Director Mike Rogers goes to Trump Tower to warn about bugged server

Nov 18 2016 – Trumpy HQ relocates to Bedminster, NJ, to avoid bugged convos

Dec 4 2016 – NSA posts trip code, pizzagate is real, names Podesta

Dec 4 2016 – An hour later, pizzagate shootout.

Oct / Nov 2017 – A year later, Q posts formally begin

The big takeaway is the Q proof — the decoded messages connect Assange to Q codes to NSA to pizzagate to the fight against evil. On the political front — FISAgate — the messages complete a timeline that makes the case clear to those who want to see what all the acrimony has been about for the past two years. The legal and media circus has been Cabal trying to buy time, but, since NSA has all their secrets, their legal charade is eventually devastated by the evidence. Just wait for it.

But also, to really hit home with how important this is, Q is, we are — for America, for all the patriots, for all those still waiting to wake up, to all humanity, for our history, our planet, our beginnings, our Universe, our Creator — for signs and wonders, see the next article.

Links to tripcode posts on Twitter:

Assange / Wikileaks

NSA (a screenshot)

Links to the tripcodes via Google Books:






Sources: Corruption, USA, published on 2020-


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