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Jefferson was aware that American settlements located west from the Appalachian Mountains relied on river transportation for trade and commerce, so Jefferson decided to control the river.

However, the most significant event in the time of the United States is the Louisiana Purchase which was Thomas Jefferson’s purchase of 828,828 square miles of land located in Central America causing the country to expand by a third. Faculty advisors can aid in finding sources and help to discuss options for study, however, students usually have to complete research on their own for their dissertations. This huge quantity of land helped our political position as we made decisions to expand and improve our nation. Final Public Exam Application. Our economic growth was boosted by the development from New Orleans and the Mississippi River and New Orleans trade port. After graduation, students typically have to submit an application to take an exam in public.

It also broadened the horizons of America by the introduction of new races to us as well as those of the Spanish as well as the French. The way to do this differs for different online historical PhD programs, however, the students are expected present their work before a group of academics in the program. The president during the period of the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson was adamant to expand his country’s west. Graduation Requirements. One of Louisiana’s largest cities of that time was New Orleans, was an important trading hub located along the Mississippi River. The majority of online history doctoral programs contain only a few major graduation requirements rather than a lot of smaller requirements that students have to fulfill.

Jefferson was aware that American settlements located west from the Appalachian Mountains relied on river transportation for trade and commerce, so Jefferson decided to control the river. These online PhD programs could differ in their approach to and enforce these conditions before students receive their PhD So, be sure to check with your preferred program for specific requirements. When Jefferson realized that he had got 10 times the amount of land he requested at a fair cost, he became stunned. Language Test. The land that America had now owned increased its size. nation. The majority of History PhD students need to prove that they have met the requirements for a language requirement of an online course. Although it was true that the U. Most programs require proficiency in at minimum one language apart from English.

S. was not in a financial position to spend up to 15 million dollars Jefferson was not able to ignore this deal at just 3 cents per acres. Dissertation. The massive expansion of our nation gave us more land to begin to cultivate and establish settlements on.

The student’s final historical dissertation should be written to meet doctoral requirements and be refined to the point that it can be published. Although this was not expensive, many Federalists declared it unconstitutional. The length requirements are usually adjustable and vary depending on the particular program, but the dissertation is typically longer than an article or a series of articles, or even an entire book. The Constitution declare it was the case that federal authorities is permitted to buy new land. Final Exams. Jefferson knew it was not constitutional and was ashamed of accepting the proposal, as it was against his firm convictions to defend constitutional rights. Students will probably be tested about the topic they covered within their dissertation.

However, the majority of Americans were supportive of his decision, and Jefferson decided to go to the offer. In a traditional study of history in a PhD program, the goal is to be a public oral assessment of a student’s skills, but the formats for the online final exam might differ. Jefferson’s risky decision to follow his dream of expanding west inspired future presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Fundamental Principles and Skills Learned in the Online History PhD Program.

Roosevelt to take firm executive action even though the constitution was not in place. PhD with a focus on History. Jefferson’s defiance to purchase the land that our people needed is crucial to our nation and the country it is now. Context.

This huge quantity of land caused America appear to be a threat to other nations, as European colonies weren’t present within North America. These programs usually require students to investigate specific areas of history while maintaining a sense overall perspective of the writings and events. It was the Louisiana Purchase was one of the first major steps that helped unify the nation, strengthen it, and expand it in the process. These types of programs usually encourage an interest in interdisciplinary inquiry of primary sources, as well as dialogue between students and between faculty and students. In the time that New Orleans was still under French rule, American trade was put at risk as Napoleon threatened to stop U. Critical Thinking. S. access to the New Orleans trade port of the Mississippi River.

The past can be awash with opinions, biased writings and opinions about the past that obscure the source material. Because of the position in the Appalachian Mountain range, American settlements depended on river transportation for their trade. Schools often teach students to examine documents with a critical mind making their own judgments rather than relying upon other theories. Therefore, Jefferson ensured that he claimed the state of Louisiana to his nation. Communications.

After that, American was able to access the Mississippi River and the New Orleans Port of Commerce, trade flourished. Students are taught to write concise and insightful documents that are backed by solid arguments. Additionally, the land purchase also included 13 states, which became part of our nation, which also boosted our economy. They they also study communication between different cultures. When Jefferson chose to send his secretary, Meriwether Lewis, and his the army officers William Clark to explore his newly acquired land with the assistance of a Shoshoni woman Sacajawea this was a huge positive for the economy of our country. Doctoral programs online in history typically require students to investigate the unexplored and unconsidered aspects of history and to express their opinions as part of a larger historical debate. America was able to gain a huge quantity of scientific data as well as a wealth of maps and concepts of the land as well as its climate and the regions.

Master’s Degree in History. It was possible to create new states and develop new varieties of agriculture and agricultural possibilities, which are now feasible with the huge cheap areas of land that we have just acquired. The Best Online Doctoral Graduation Programs for History. Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase helped broaden ways for our economy to expand and broaden its horizons through advancements in trade and agriculture. Recent American Historical Association study states having the PhD in the field of history at a top school increases the chances of getting into the tenure track of an institution that is a research university. The Louisiana Purchase helped our nation in numerous ways.

Students can start looking for the best PhD program by looking at these lists of the top schools that offer students seeking a PhD in the field of history. One of the most well-known advancements that we can see and experience in the present is the diversity of racial groups that was a part of the deal as it was the time that U. Sort by student-to-teacher ratio, price and graduation rates to determine what makes each school on the top of its class. S. acquired Louisiana. Kansas State University.

Before Louisiana was placed under French control the state was a treasure under Spanish rule. The Department of History at Kansas State University offers a doctoral degree in a range of fields that are advanced. The mixture of the three races of French, Spanish, and as well as those African American slaves brought to America has given and continues to give New Orleans its assorted culture that it still has until today. The main areas of expertise and focus at the doctoral stage are Military History and 20th Century Studies, Agricultural and Environmental History and Religious History. Prior to the Louisiana Purchase, the majority of people living in America were white or slaves brought from Africa. KSU’s Military History PhD includes options to study interdisciplinary subjects as well as the Command and General Staff College located at Fort Leavenworth. The success of Louisiana provided America the diversity of race it required growing as a cultural nation.

Kansas State University’s Chapman Center for Rural Studies hosts this doctoral degree program. Today, New Orleans is one of the cities with the highest concentration of culture in the United States. It focuses on Agricultural and Environmental History with an emphasis upon the historical contexts that define Kansas communities. It has its own customs of its own.

The doctorate in religious studies is supported by the KSU’s annually held Parrish Colloquium. When Louisiana was declared an official state in 1812, it brought its French legal customs along. In-State Tuition: $9.034 Student The Population is 24,146 percent of students who receive financial aid 57% number of Students Per Instructor: 19. Today, Louisiana has many laws which are very different from those of the English standard law. After Your PhD What do you do with A PhD from History. Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase helped diversify our nation and was among the states that first introduced diverse races and cultures to our nation.

Some graduates from an online history doctoral program could become teachers at the college level of historical studies, and even write articles in their field, the profession isn’t the only one that is available. It is the U. Schools that teach history span from archives to museums, to local and state government Graduates can sometimes find jobs outside the realm of history when they decide to use your research and communication, and critical thinking abilities.

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