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Obama Met Merkel at Crucial Moment as One of FISA Warrants against Trump is set to expire

House lawmakers are zeroing in on a meeting that German chancellor Angela Merkel held with President Obama at a key moment as one of the FISA warrants against Trump was set to expire.”

A timeline, messy, but worth noting (credited to [email protected])

5/9/2017 – Comey was fired;


  1. A strange Oval Office meeting between Trump, Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister) and Kislyak (Russian diplomat);
  2. Henry Kissinger showed up at the WH uninvited, less than 24 hours after Comey was fired;


  1. Trump tweeted: James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!
  2. Message from Peter Strzok (to Lisa Page?) Meetign with DAG was about coordinating investigation. AND, (Mark) Warner (VA senator) conveyed he wanted special counsel. Message from Page: I’m so proud of Andy (FBI then Deputy Director Andrew McCabe?)
  3. Bruce Ohr set up a meeting with DOJ


  1. Bruce Ohr got the go-ahead (to compile the Dossier?)
  2. A Message to Warner: Hey Mark – Do you want to discuss Deripaska or should I respond to the house intel committee instead?

5/17/2017 – Obama arrived in Milan for a climate speech, met with former Italian PM Matteo Renzi;

5/18/2017 – OSC closed its Hatch investigation concerning Comey;

5/21/2017 – House IT aids fear suspects in in Hill breach are blackmailing members with their own data;


  1. former CIA director John Brennan discloses that he’s a senior advisor for Kissinger and Asso. during his testimony;
  2. former director of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) joins Azarga Uranium as an advisor;
  3. Trump met with Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority;
  4. Trump met with Italy PM in Rome;

5/24/2017 – Trump attended NATO summit in Brussels, met with Pop Francis in Vatican City;

5/25/2017 – Trump attended G& summit held in Italy; Obama received warm welcome in Germany and appeared alongside Merkel;

5/27/2017 – Obama went to London, met with Prince Harry;

6/7/2017 – Obama met Trudeau in Montreal;

6/22/2017 – Trump tweeted: …whether there are “tapes” or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.

6/23/2017 – Obama arrives in Bali for a family vacation;

7/1/2017 – Obama made speech at Forum of Overseas Indonesians;

7/6/2017 – Trump attened G20 in Hamburg;

7/19-2017 – Trump ends CIA arms support for anti-Assad Syria revels;

7/20/2017 – Saudi Brown Prince “forced from power by younger cousin over painkiller addiction”


  1. then WH press secretary Sean Spicer resigned after disagreeing with Trump over his decision to hire Scaramucci, saving himself the humiliation of havign to explain the whole situation to the press.
  2. Rich Higgins, then director for strategic planning in the NSC, was fired by H.R. McMaster for writing a memo that detailed the threat to Pres. Trump from the Deep State. McMaster is the Deep State operative Higgins was warning about.

7/25/2017 – U.S. regulatory scrutiny scuppers deal for unit of China’s HNA.

7/26/2017 – Manafort’s house is raided;


  1. George Papadopoulos is arrested at airport, without getting a warrant or taking other steps that might tip off people within FBI or DOJ; Papadopoulos was held overnight;
  2. Trump’s top Middle East aide, Derek Harvey, an Iran hawk hired by Michael Flynn, is pushed out by McMaster;
  3. WH former chief of staff Reince Priebus resigned, but the news wasn’t announced until after Papadopoulos was arrested and McCabe’s interview with OIG.


  1. Trump tweeted that John Kelly is WH chief of staff;
  2. OIG to do a recorded and under oath interview of McCabe about pre-election leaks;

11/22/2017 – unsealed Fusion GPS bank records reveal $523k payment from Russian money launderer;

11/30/2017 – Obama met China’s Xi and tells him he wants to help preserve ties;

12/1/2017 – Obama met Malai Lama and Indian PM in New Delhi

12/2/2017 – Obama to meet Macron and his predecessor Hollande that day;

3/20/2018 – Obama arrives in New Zealand for 3-day trip;


  1. Obama in Japan, says North Korea means less leverage;
  2. Kim Jong-un Met with China’s Xi in secret Beijing visit.



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